Targets come in various sizes and shapes for different tournaments and shooting styles.  They are scored based on the rings in the target, but the number of rings and value of the score differs by target. In addition the size of the target face varies based on distance and age divisions for outdoor tournaments.  For indoor the single face targets are 40cm, outdoor varies by distance from 80 cm- 122 cm.


FITA Vegas 3-spot                     FITA Vertical 3-Spot         FITA Single Spot

                     MAA single spot

MAA 5-spot                                                   MAA Single spot


MAA 420 5-spot                                     MAA 420 Single Spot


NFAA  5-spot                                     NFAA Single spot


FITA Hunter Target                      NFAA Field Target

There are various targets used in 3D competition.  Major brands include McKenzie and Rinehart.  ASA and IBO sanctioned tournaments have different scoring areas. Rinehart is the official target for ASA shoots.  Scoring areas for both ASA are IBO are illustrated below, as well as sample images of 3D targets used.

ASA and IBO Scoring used in sanctioned tournaments

ASA ScoringIBO Scoring




Rinehart Target Images

RH deer


RH Turkey



McKenzie Target Images

McK Deer

McK Turkey