State-Natl Shoot Schedules

The State and National shoot listing was prepared to assist archers in planning their shoot schedule for the year; a task that is difficult and time consuming for most archers.  Links are provided below for State and local archery events, as well as national and international events.

Click on the State/Natl link below for a consolidated listing of tournaments at the local, state and national level.  The listing includes both 3D and Target shoot schedules as posted by following organizations:   IBO, ASA, MET, MAA, NFAA, USA Archery.

Click on the MET Schedule link below for a listing of shoots and events at the state and local level.  The listing includes both 3D and Target schedules provided the MET and MAA organizations.

See Archery Organizations for links to the websites for each of these organizations and to verify the schedules presented in the document.  Please contact the hosting club/venue or organization for further information on events listed in both shoot schedules.

State-Natl-Shoots-2017 – Consolidated Listing for shoots, including target, 3D, state and national shoots

MET_Schedule_2017 –  MET, State and local shoot schedule

Monroe/Toledo 3D Shoot Schedule 2016 – Local 3D Shoot Schedule