2016 MET/MAA Tournaments Hosted by Lincoln Bowmen

MET Indoor FITA Championship Tournament – This is a double FITA round shot at 18 meters for Adult divisions and 9 meters for Cubs.  Archers shoot 20 ends of 3 arrows each for a total score of 600, on the multi-colored 40 cm. indoor FITA face or the 3-spot Vegas face.  Time limit for each end is 3 minutes.  The target is scored as X, 10, 9 for the gold rings; 8, 7 for the red rings; 6, 5 for the blue rings; 4, 3 for the black rings; and 2, 1 for the white rings.  The 3-spot is scored as X, 10, 9 for the gold rings; 8, 7 for the red rings; and 6 for the single blue ring.  The ‘X’ count is used for tie breaks.  Inside-out X-ring count is included for the last 2 scoring ends for further tie breaks.  Click on Targets to see a view of the FITA and Vegas 3-spot target faces.  See the links below for information on bow styles and age divisions.

MAA Indoor NFAA Championship Tournament – Cubs shoot 10 yards, all other divisions shoot 20 yards.  Archers shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows each on the NFAA dark blue single spot or 5-spot target face, with a time limit of 4 minutes per end.  The single spot is scored X, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the 5-spot is scored as X, 5, 4.  Consecutive blue circles from the inside out are scored as 4,3,2,1 on the single spot and 4 on the 5-spot.  The white center is scored as 5 on both targets, with the center ‘X’ circle scored as 5 and counted as an ‘X’.  Inside-Out “X” count is included in the last two ends of score as tie breakers.  The total possible score for the shoot is 300 points with 60 X’s.  Click on Targets to see a view of the NFAA target face.  See the links below for information on bow styles and age divisions.

MET 3D ChampionshipJune 11, 2016 – Archers shoot 30 targets at known distances.  Registration opens at 9AM and closes at 1PM.

MET /MAA Information –  Information on MAA and MET tournaments are complied every year after the fall MAA scheduling meeting.  In addition, the compilation includes local club events, such as leagues, banquets, 3D shoots, etc.  Also included are major NFAA national shoots and events.  Click on MET_Schedule_2016 to view or download the consolidated schedule.

Every year there is confusion on divisions, styles, shoot format, etc.  Click on the documents below for additional information on the MET/MAA tournaments, divisions, and shooting styles.

MET-MAA-Summary – ‘at-a-glance’ summary of tournament format, cost, age, etc.

NFAA-Bow-Styles – NFAA bow styles defined

Divisions – defined target competition divisions