Archery Organizations

FITA – The International Archery Federation is the international governing body of archery.  FITA promotes and regulates archery world-wide in conformity with Olympic principles.  The purpose of the organization is to frame and interpret FITA rules and arrange for the organization of World Championships and other international competitions.  FITA sponsors various world competitions such as the World Cup and Olympic games in countries across the world.  For more information visit the FITA Website:

NAA/USA Archery (USAA) – USAA is recognized by the US Olympic Committee (USOC) as the national governing body for the sport of archery in the US.  Its stated purpose is to foster national and international amateur competition in the sport of Archery, developing interest and abilities at all age levels to include international sports superiority in archery programs and athlete performance.  National events sponsored by the USAA are used to select US teams (USAT) that will represent the US in World competitions, such as the Olympic, Pan American or Paralympic and World Championships.  Each year competitions such as Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals and various state shoots (Nor Easter, So Cal Showdown, etc.) are chosen as USAT qualifying events from which both Jr. and Sr. USAT teams are chosen.  For more information visit the USAA website:

NFAA – The National Field Archery Association is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of game and its natural habitat.  The organization is active in cooperating with federal and state agencies and sportsmen and conservation organizations.  It is resolved to foster, perpetuate and preserve “the use of the bow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions”.  The NFAA consists of chartered state associations and affiliated clubs, such as the Michigan Archers Association and Lincoln Bowmen Archery Club.  The NFAA is a national allied organization of the USAA.  The NFAA sanctions state championship level tournaments and club shoots and incorporates numerous styles of archery.  The NAA hosts National and Sectional Championship tournaments (indoor, outdoor and 3D) and sanctions multiple State Championship level tournaments and club shoots.  Yearly NFAA shoots include the Las Vegas World Festival, Indoor Nationals in Louisville and Outdoor Nations in Yankton.  For more information visit the NFAA Website:

MAA – the Michigan Archers Association is an NFAA chartered state association, whose purpose is to promote and foster the practice of organized archery in the state of Michigan; to adopt and enforce the practice of archery within the state, determine State Champions and hold state tournaments.  Members are individuals qualified to belong to the MAA and the NFAA.  The MAA holds two indoor and three outdoor tournaments each year.  Tournaments are held at various regional associations and affiliated clubs on a rotational basis.  State tournaments include the Indoor and Outdoor MAA championships, and the American 900 Target Championships.  For more information visit the MAA Website:

MET – the Metropolitan Archery Association is recognized as an MAA established regional association.  The MET sponsors and coordinates regional and state shoots with affiliated clubs that include the Indoor and Outdoor championships and the MET American 900 championships.  These are separate from the MAA state championships.  Each year the MET publishes a schedule of MAA, MET, NFAA and local club shoots and events.   For more information visit the MET Website:

IBO – the International Bowhunting Organization was created in 1984 with the basic ideal of unification of Bowhunters and Bowhunter organization at an international level.  The IBO sponsors the Triple Crown of Bowhunting, which consists of three national 3D tournaments hosted in separate states.  The Triple Crown culminates with the crowning of national champions of various age, sex and equipment classes.  It is considered the undisputed indicator of the best individual performers and equipment in the sport of 3D archery and bowhunting.   In 1989, the IBO World Championship established a series of sanctioned tournaments worldwide in which participants may qualify to compete in an annual finale.  Presently, hundreds of local and regional bowhunting clubs host qualifying events where archers qualify for to shoot in national championships.  As of August 2012, Rhinehart 3D targets are used in all World and National competitions.  For more information regarding the National IBO organization and scheduled shoots, visit the IBO website  For information on the Michigan IBO Chapter, visit the MI IBO website at .

ASA – Archery Shooters Association promotes 3D Pro/AM archery tournaments in various states, both known and unknown distances.  Pro and Amateur archers shoot state qualifiers and championship, as well as National Pro/AM tournaments on McKenzie targets.  Any qualified archer may shoot state qualifiers and Pro/AM tournaments, but in order to compete in state championships, archers must qualify in at least 1 tournament in that state.  State champions win a spot in the national ASA Championship Classic.  For additional information on tournaments and schedules visit the National ASA websites at  For information on the Michigan ASA Federation, visit the Michigan ASA website at