Competition Divisions

NFAA, MET and MAA Divisions

NFAA, MET/MAA Division Age Notes
  Cub Under 12  
  Youth 12 to 14  
  Young Adult 15 to 17  
  Adult 18 and older  
  Senior 50 and older  
  Silver Senior 60 and older  
  Master Senior 70 and older  

Senior Pro



Compete nationally or   on the state level for money under rules set by NFAA Pro Division

Note:  For each NFAA division, age indicates the age of the archer at the start of the event.

USAA Divisions

USAA Division Age Notes
  Bowman Through age 12  
  Cub Through age 14  
  Cadet Through age 17  
  Junior Through age 20 Equivalent to FITA   Junior division
  Senior   Any Archer, equivalent   to FITA senior division
  Master 50 and older Equivalent to FITA   Master division
  Master 60+ 60 and older  
  Master 70+ 70 and older  

Note: for each USAA division, age indicates the archers age on 12/31 the year of the event.

Archers who qualify for a particular division are automatically eligible for more competitive divisions if they choose to use them.  For example, Cadets are eligible to compete as Junior or Senior, Master 70+ are eligible to compete as Master or Senior.

Note:  each tournament is different.  The divisions listed above are general guidelines for the organizations listed.  Archers should verify division and styles for each tournament, before registering.

PDF version:  Divisions