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Archery tournaments can be classified as world, national, state or local, depending on the purpose and organization sponsoring the event.   Additionally, one could divide them by type of taget being shot, such as 3-D tournaments (shooting at 3-dimensional animal targets), Field and Hunter tournaments (shooting a combination of 2-dimensional paper animal targets and paper field targets), or Target tournaments (shooting a target face made up of multiple concentric circles).  Click on Targets to see images and description of different targets.

Most target archery tournaments follow the FITA rules for archery, but may have different qualifications for age divisions, shooting styles and equipment.   World tournaments are organized by the International Archery Federation ( FITA);  national tournaments are organized by both the National Archery Association and USA Archery (NAA/USAA) and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA); and Michigan state tournaments by the Michigan Archers Association (MAA) and its regional affiliates, such as the Metropolitan Archery Association (MET).

National 3D Archery tournaments follow IBO or ASA rules, also with different shooting styles and divisions based on age, equipment and experience.  The International Bowhunters Organization (IBO) organizes World 3D Championships and national tournaments shooting targets at varying distances, mostly unmarked; the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) organizes national 3D tournments shooting targets are varying distances, both marked and unmarked distances.  State chapters of the IBO and ASA hold sanctioned state and local tournaments that archers can shoot to qualify for national and world tournaments.  Click on Archery Organizations for more information on these organizations.

Archers are registered in all types of (3D, Target, etc.) tournaments by competition division and shooting style.  Division has to do with characteristics of the archer, the person.  Shooting style depends upon the type of equipment used and how the archer uses the equipment.  There are many different shooting styles and rules for each style.  For a summary of NFAA styles and rules click on NFAA Bow Styles.  For more information on competition divisions used in target archery, click on Divisions .

Competition divisions and shooting styles also vary by sponsoring organization, NFAA divisions are not the same as NAA/USAA divisions.  However, NFAA divisions are used for MAA and MET shoots.  The same is true for shooting styles.  For example, most world tournaments only recognize freestyle and freestyle limited for compound and recurve bows only.  Bowhunter styles were not recognized in youth divisions for MAA and MET divisions until October of 2011, so it is important to check before you go.

Before registering for any tournament, check the tournament information on the organizations website.   Note that MET and MAA tournaments follow NFAA divisions, styles and rules.

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