MIBO Triple Crown

MI IBO Lincoln Bowmen is hosting the Second Leg of the Michigan IBO Triple Crown , May 7th & 8th, 2016.  The Michigan chapter of the International Bowhunters Organization (MIBO) sponsors the Michigan Triple Crown, which consists of four 3D tournaments, sanctioned by the IBO.  This is a qualifying event where archers may qualify for the IBO  World Championship.

Registration –  8AM through 2PM each day.  Archers may shoot either day.

Format – Archers shoot a total of 30 targets, 15 on the front course and 15 on the back course.  Distances on the course vary from extremely short out to 50 yards.  Targets are scored as 11 (the circle inside the 10 ring), 10 (10 ring or the heart), 8 (vital area), 5 (the body) or 0 (miss or not touching body color).   See Targets for information on targets and scoring areas.

Cost  – Entry fee for this tournament is $25 for Adults and Advanced Hunter class, $15 for Hunter classes, and $15 for Youth and Cub classes.  Future Bowhunters, ages 8 and under, shoot for free.

Payout – This is a money shoot with a 32% cash payback, with 8% going towards awards and prizes at the state championship.  Hunter Classes, Youth and Cub classes receive awards instead of money.

Non-Qualifying Class – New shooters that have never shot an IBO Qualifier or are not IBO members may shoot the ‘Non-Qualifying’ class.  This class is only offered in Michigan and can be shot for one shooting season.  IBO shoots have many classes and rules regarding draw weight, arrows, etc.  which can be found on the IBO website www.ibo.net.  For information the Michigan IBO Chapter, visit the MIBO website www.mibo.co/.

Working this event is a great way to get your work hours!  Help is needed for parking, walking the course, filling water jugs, kitchen, registration, etc.  Contact the event Chair person Mike Perez (734-612-6453) to volunteer.