Tuesday Traditional League

Tuesday Traditional League 2018

This is a 14 week league. This non-competitive league is open to all adult Traditional archers who shoot longbows, recurves and self bows, without sights, releases or stabilizers.

The league will begin on Tuesday January 9th , 2018, at 7pm with practice beginning at 6pm. We shoot two rounds at 12 burlap targets for a total of 72 arrows. These are shot at varying distances; standing, kneeling, turnaround, sitting and whatever else one thinks of. Each shooter at the designated target will call the type of shot and the distance for each shot.

Members will pay $4.00 per night; non-members will pay $6.00 per night. All new members, subs or part-time shooters wanting to shoot the 2018 league are required to pay the target fee of $20.00. Those league members who shot the 2017 league and paid their target fee are not responsible for the target fee again. I ask that your target fees be paid by the 3rd week. Those who shoot as “subs” or every other week pay the league fee only for the weeks they shoot.

All league members who pay their fees by the 3rd week will have their league fees reduced by one week. Members will pay (13 weeks x 4.00=$52.00 instead of $56.00) and non-members will pay (13 weeks x $6.00=$78.00 instead of $84.00). If you elect to pay as you go then you are responsible for the entire amount with no reduction. Remember, if you do not pay your entire league fees due the club your membership will not be renewed until they are paid in full, this is a club rule.

This is a non-competitive league: scores are kept for your improvement only. Scoring will be 15 center ring, 10 next ring and 5 for all arrows hitting the animal portion of the target.

The league Banquet date will be held on April 21st, 2018 at 6pm. We will need help in setting up and cleanup with the time to be announced during the 2018 league. Work hours are given for the time you donate. Since this league will run 14 weeks there is no room for a make up in the event of a cancelled night due to bad weather. There is a “telephone call list” utilized for this purpose. One call will be made. Please make sure we have a number where you can be reached or a message may be left. Should you need to contact us you may do so at 734-748-4300.

We hope all of you enjoy the league and welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have to make this league fun and enjoyable for all.