Summer League

Summer League Charter

  1. In order to participate in the league you must be a club member.
  2. The league will run for 12 weeks from Friday to Thursday, June 5, 2014 through August 21, 2014.  Score cards will be picked up on each Thursday night at 9:00 PM for the current week and all future weeks, provided they are marked and dated correctly.
  3. The cost of the league for 2014 is $35.00.  League fees must be paid in full to the league chairperson by the 3rd week.
  4. If you have not shot or paid by the 3rd week you will not get a tee-shirt or be able to shoot the league.
  5. The league fees go towards t-shirts, the banquet dinner and prizes.
  6. The league banquet will be held Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 6:00PM.  Steaks & corn will be provided by the club.  Archers, please bring a dish to pass to complete the meal.
  7. You can invite additional guests to the banquet by purchasing additional dinner(s),  but you must notify the league chairperson no later than Thursday, August 14, 2014 and make payment arrangements for the additional guest.

 Summer League Rules

  1. The format will be two man teams.
  2. Team numbers will be assigned within the first two weeks of shooting.  If you do not have a partner, one will be assigned for you.
  3. Scoring on each target will be 5 points if you hit the animal; 8 points if you hit the large circle; and 10 points if you hit the bulls-eye.
  4. Range finders and binoculars may be used.
  5. The front and back courses are shot rotating every other week.
  6.  Recurve, longbow, and kids under 15 shoot from the orange stake.  Kids may shoot from the longer stakes, but must stay at that distance for the entire league.  Adults shoot from either the green or white stake.  The stake that you start out on must be shot for the entire league.
  7. Your average will be based on an 80% handicap and will be established after the first two weeks of the league. If you are not present for either or both of the first two weeks you will be given the league handicap established after the first two weeks.
  8. There is no make-up shooting for missed weeks.
  9. Teams my pre-shoot a weekly course but cannot pre-shoot any more than one round at a time, and no more than 2 weeks ahead.  Dates MUST be circled on your score card for the week you are shooting.  You must shoot alternate courses.
  10. All scores must be turned in on or before Thursday of the shoot week. They will be collected on Thursday night at the close of shooting each week.
  11. All score cards must include your name, your partners name, course number, team number, total score and the date of the shooting week (i.e., June 5, June 12, etc.) you are shooting must be circled.  Should any of the above listed items be missing from your score sheet you will be given your actual average score minus 10 points.
  12. If you are absent or fail to turn in a score card for any week, for any reason, you will be given your average score minus 10 points.
  13. The league stat sheets will be posted on the outdoor bulletin board outside the clubhouse after the second week. Please be courteous and considerate when addressing us with your concerns.
  14. Stakes cannot be moved by anyone other than the person appointed by the league chairperson.
  15. This league is a fun league and is based on the honor system with the main focus of having fun and preparing for the fall bow season. Please keep this in mind.
  16. The last week is position night and you must show up to shoot if in position contention. If there is a tie a sudden death shoot off will be used to resolve it.