Friday Family 3D

Friday Family Fun 3D League Rules

  1. The Friday night 3D league is a family fun league.  Teams are made up of friends and family; moms, dads and kids.  It is a great time for the entire family!
  2. Leagues will run 14 weeks beginning Friday, January 13, 2017, at 7PM, followed by a banquet dinner Saturday April 22, 2015 at the end of the season.
  3. Cost of the league for 2017 is $9 per week ($126 total) for club members and $11 per week ($154 total) for non-members with the total due by the 7th week.  If fees are paid in full in the first 3 weeks the cost is reduced by 1 week ($117 for members, $143 for non-members).
  4. Kids under the age of 18 shooting the league with an adult under the same family memberships shoot for 1/2 price.  For example, a father and son can shoot for a total of $189 – $126 for the father plus $63 for the son.
  5. The league is responsible for clean-up at the end of the evening.  This involves sweeping, wiping off tables and disposing of cans.
  6. The line rangers will be the teams shooting at the 1 and 15 spots.  No one is to knock an arrow until the line ranger says ‘clear’.  No one is to go beyond the shooting line once shooting starts until the line ranger says ‘clear’.
  7. All target shots are to be set-up perpendicular to the kill zones with smaller targets set at close range and larger targets at longer ranges, up to 35 yards.
  8. Scoring:
    1. Archers shoot 2 rounds of 15 arrows each.
    2. Targets are scored as 10 points for a heart shot, 8 points for a lung shot, and 5 points for a hit on any part of the body.
    3. Maximum score per round is 150 points, with a maximum total score of 300 points.
  9. The league scoring uses an 80% handicap and 10 point penalty for absentees.  Averages are determined after 3 weeks of scoring.
  10. Scoring and league statistics are tracked using the League Manager program.
  11. The leagues will only be as good as the participation.  When it is your turn to help with set-up or clean up make sure you are there early and committed to staying later for clean up.
  12. Contact league managers for more information.